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TL-Rated Safes - Business

Discover the epitome of robust security with our "TL-Rated Safes for Businesses" collection at Tailored for the discerning commercial customer, these safes are designed to protect not just personal treasures but also vital business assets and documents.

Why are TL-rated business safes the first choice for banks, precious metals dealers, casinos, and other commercial enterprises that handle high value assets? These safes have earned their reputation by successfully enduring intense testing by UL experts. Equipped with tools ranging from sledgehammers to carbide disc cutters, these professionals, even with knowledge of the safe's design, challenge the integrity of these safes. Time and again, our business-oriented TL-rated safes have showcased their robustness, withstanding these assaults for durations determined by their UL classifications.

Beyond just theft deterrence, these safes extend their protective capabilities to fire resistance. This ensures that crucial business documents and assets are shielded from both unauthorized access and potential fire hazards.

Decoding the Ratings:

  • TL: Symbolizes Tool-Resistance, crafted to repel both manual and mechanized break-in attempts.

Key ratings in this category are:

  • TL-15: A Tool-Resistant Safe designed to hold strong for a minimum of fifteen minutes.
  • TL-30: A Tool-Resistant Safe engineered to resist intrusion for at least thirty minutes.
  • TL-30X6: A Tool-Resistant Safe that offers thirty-minute protection, not just on the door but on all six sides, ensuring comprehensive security.

At, our commitment is to fortify businesses with unmatched security solutions. Explore our specialized collection and fortify your enterprise with our premium TL-rated business safes.