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Small Drop Safe w/ Dial or Keypad [0.4 Cu. Ft.]--F-1310S

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Original price $440.00
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In Stock - Ships in 3-4 days

Product Information


This Depository Safe serves as a vital component in daily cash management for businesses like retail stores and restaurants, where the cash drawer is constantly at risk for armed robbery or internal theft. By allowing a secure transition of excess cash from the cash register to a temporary safe place throughout the workday, it dramatically reduces potential losses. This Depository Safe offers a simple and secure solution for such transitions, bridging the gap between the cash drawer and the final destination of the day's earnings, be it a bank deposit, an armored car pickup, or transfer to a high-security safe.

Featuring a drop slot, this safe ensures a quick and effortless deposit of cash and valuables without requiring the safe to be opened. Its one-way deposit system securely encloses the contents in a storage compartment until authorized access is granted through the door.

As a standard feature, this safe is equipped with an upgraded UL Listed Group 2M dial combination lock that resists manipulation. For added security convenience, a commercial-grade keypad option is also available.

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  • Depository Slot - Features a mailbox type drop-down drawer for convenient deposit of cash and valuables.
  • Front-Loading Access - Depository opens in the front instead of on top, allowing for under-counter placement of the safe.
  • Fish-Resistant - Safe incorporates an anti-fish baffle to deter theft when attempting to “fish” the safe contents through the deposit drawer.
  • Auto Lock Feature -The locking bolts automatically extend in the safe body, locking the door, when equipped with a digital lock.
  • Heavy Duty B-Rated Construction - Body is 1/4" solid plate steel construction with a 1/2" solid plate steel door.
  • Auto Firing Passive Relocker - Protects locks during forced entry attempt.
  • Bolt Detent - When retracting, the chrome-plated locking bolts remain inside the door to prevent damage to the bolts as the door is closed.
  • Anchor Holes - Each safe is built standard with a minimum of two anchor holes for bolting the safe to the floor.
  • UL Listed Group 2M Dial Combination Lock. Also available with a commercial-grade keypad.
  • Lock Protection - Lock(s) are protected by a drill-resistant hardplate.
  • Powder Coat Paint - prevents rust on the inside and outside of the safe.
  • Manufacturer / Warranty: Socal / 1-year limited.

Operating Instructions


Outside Dimensions* 13" (H) x 10" (W) x 9" (D)
Inside Dimensions 12.5" (H) x 9.5" (W) x 6" (D)
Weight 45 lbs.
Capacity 0.4 Cubic Feet
Fire Resistant No
Water Resistant No
Installation Bolts to Floor
Packaging Boxed
Shipping Options FedEx/UPS Ground

* Add 2" to depth to allow for projection of lock, handle, and hinges.

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