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Fireproof Storage Cabinets

Explore our "Fireproof Storage Cabinets" section, designed to safeguard bulky valuables with unmatched fire protection. Perfect for businesses, institutions, and individuals needing to protect oversized items, these cabinets combine traditional functionality with advanced protection features. Each unit supports up to 160 lbs per shelf, catering to heavy and awkwardly sized items with ease.

These cabinets stand out with adjustable shelves, allowing for customized storage solutions to meet diverse needs—from documents to precious collections. The hallmark of these cabinets is their exceptional fire protection, offering up to 1 hour of resistance, complemented by water resistance to guard against potential damage from firefighting efforts.

Discover how to protect your bulky valuables with our essential guide, 'Fire-Rated Storage Cabinets: Safeguarding Assets Against the Unpredictable'.