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In-Floor Safes

In-Floor Safes, also known as 'Floor Safes', are designed to be installed within the concrete slab of a building's lowest level, providing superior protection against both burglary and fire. These safes, flush-mounted with the surrounding concrete, can be easily concealed by a carpet or other objects, making them a highly secure option.

These safes are typically square or round in shape, with the safe door facing upwards. Their installation within concrete makes them extremely difficult to remove or burglarize on-site. Furthermore, the concrete surrounding the safes, coupled with their in-floor installation, provides an excellent fire-resistant barrier.

Most in-floor safes feature robust Class B or Class C rated doors, constructed of ½” or 1” hardened steel, respectively. The body of the safes may be made of steel or polyethylene, the latter offering rust and water resistance. 

In-floor safes may be installed by home builders or concrete contractors during construction of a home, ideally when the concrete slab is being poured. If installed in an existing home, a hole needs to be cut in the concrete at the installation location. All in-floor safes come with a cover plate for flush installation.

The main disadvantage of in-floor safes is their installation at basement level, which can make them difficult to access. Despite this, their excellent burglary and fire protection make them a preferred choice among informed homeowners and businesses alike.