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AMSEC BFS1512E1: RSC-Burglary Rated Safe With 1-Hour Fire Rating [1.4 Cu. Ft.]--Item# 12405

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Product Information


This safe has been awarded the UL RSC burglary rating and has a 1-hour fire rating.

This premium safe combines top-notch burglary protection with an impressive 1-hour fire rating, ensuring your valuables remain secure against theft and fire. The AMSEC BFS1512E1 is designed to withstand temperatures up to 1200° F for 60 minutes, verified by ETL, and holds a UL residential security container (RSC) burglary classification for unmatched security.

Featuring a sophisticated ESL10 UL Type high-security lock standard, this model also includes an additional spring-loaded relock device, offering enhanced protection against punch attacks. The safe's construction is fortified with a 2.3″ double-wall steel body and a unique fire-resistant barrier, ensuring durability and reliability.

This safe is ideal for residential or small business use, offering unparalleled protection for your valuable items.


  • Burglary Classification: UL RSC rated for superior burglary protection.
  • Fire Protection: ETL verified for 60 minutes at 1200° F.
  • Lock Security: Equipped with an ESL10 UL Type high-security lock standard.
  • Additional Security: Spring-loaded relock device for added punch attack protection.
  • Construction: 2.3" double wall steel body with a unique fire-resistant barrier.
  • Anchoring: One anchor hole with included hardware for secure installation.
  • Manufacturer: AMSEC
  • Warranty: 1-year limited.


Outside Dimensions* 20.1" (H) x 17.1" (W) x 19.4" (D)
Inside Dimensions 15.3" (H) x 12.5" (W) x 12.8" (D)
Weight 243 lbs.
Cubic Feet (interior) 1.4
Door Clearance 14.9" x 12.0"
Total Body Thickness 2.3"
Total Door Thickness 4.6"
Burglary Protection (Safe Rating) RSC I
Burglary Level Level 7
Fire Rating Time 60-minute
Fire Rating Degrees 1200°

* Add 2" to depth to allow for the projection of the handle.

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