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Gardall FB1212: Fire & Burglar-Resistant Safe [1.1 Cu. Ft.]--1930

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Product Information


This composite safe provides a secure solution for storing your most valuable possessions. Its heavy-duty 2" thick door and 3" thick body, made from composite construction of steel and high-density concrete, ensure that your valuables remain protected from burglary and fire at all times.

The independent glass re-locking system adds an extra layer of security against attacks by drills, while the 3-spoke chrome-plated vault handle adds an elegant touch and makes opening and closing the door effortless. With a U.L. 350 degrees Fahrenheit fire label and a U.L. RSC Burglary label, this fire and burglary safe offers unparalleled security and peace of mind.

The center bolt-down system allows for easy installation and provides added security, while the 1-1/4" chrome-plated locking bolts ensure that your valuables are always safe and secure. The attractive two-tone paint finish increases the safe's durability and enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.

Whether you need to store important documents, expensive jewelry, or any other valuable items, this fire and burglary safe is an excellent choice. Its advanced security features, robust construction, and appealing design make it the preferred option for those who demand the best in secure storage.

Protect your valuable assets today by ordering this safe and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your belongings are always safe and secure.


  • Heavy duty 2" thick door and 3" thick body.
  • Composite construction door & body.
  • Independent glass re-locking system.
  • 3-spoke chrome plated vault handle.
  • 1-hour U.L. 350 degrees Fahrenheit fire label.
  • U.L. RSC Burglary label.
  • Center bolt down for ease of installation (hardware included).
  • 1-1/4" chrome plated locking bolts.
  • Attractive two-tone paint for increased durability.
  • Manufacturer / Warranty: Gardall / 1-year limited.


Outside Dimensions* 17.8" (H) x 17.8" (W) x 20.5" (D)
Inside Dimensions 12" (H) x 12" (W) x 12.8" (D)
Weight 205 lbs.
Capacity 1.1 Cubic Feet
Fire Resistant 60 Minutes
Water Resistant No
Installation Bolts to Floor
Packaging Boxed and Strapped to Shipping Pallet
Shipping Options Garage/Lobby Delivery, Curbside Delivery, or Loading Dock/Back of Truck

* Add 2" to depth to allow for the projection of the handle and lock.

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