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Understanding Delivery Options for Fire Resistant Files

When purchasing fire resistant filing cabinets, it's essential to grasp the available delivery options due to their significant weight and size. These cabinets, designed to safeguard crucial documents from fire damage, are too hefty for small parcel carriers like UPS and FedEx. Consequently, they necessitate shipping via freight truck and might require specialized inside delivery services.

Delivery Methods

  • Loading Dock Delivery. For commercial locations equipped with a loading dock, palletized shipments are directly delivered to the dock during your scheduled delivery appointment, typically within standard business hours. It's crucial to ensure the loading dock is accessible during this window.

loading dock delivery
  • Curbside Delivery. Lacking a loading dock, curbside delivery presents an alternative where the driver lowers the palletized shipment to ground level. This service, too, operates within standard business hours. A pallet jack or sturdy dolly, along with additional help, is necessary to relocate the cabinet from the curb to its ultimate position.

Curbside Delivery
  • Lobby or Garage Delivery. This option caters to office buildings without entrance steps by placing the item, still in its carton and on the pallet, in the lobby. For residential settings, the item is similarly positioned in the garage. It's important to note that both Lobby and Garage Deliveries are executed by a single delivery driver using a pallet jack. The path from the truck to the lobby or garage should be level, smooth, and free of obstacles, as the driver cannot navigate steep grades or unpaved roads.

lobby and garage delivery
  • Full Service Inside Delivery
    This premium service entails removing the fire resistant file from its shipping pallet, unboxing, and positioning it in your chosen room on the first floor or a floor accessible by elevator, with a maximum of three steps involved. Scheduled during standard business hours, opting for full service inside delivery extends the lead time by approximately 2-3 weeks due to the slower delivery network.

full service delivery


Fire resistant files are securely packaged in cardboard cartons and strapped to a shipping pallet for transit.


Tips for Receiving Your Shipment

  • Provide a Reliable Contact Number: Furnish the shipping company with a dependable phone number to arrange the delivery appointment.

  • Preparation for Delivery: Ensure the loading dock is ready for your delivery window if choosing dock delivery. For curbside delivery, prepare the necessary equipment (like a pallet jack or strong dolly) and arrange assistance. For lobby, garage, or full service inside delivery, confirm the pathway is clear of obstacles or steps that could impede delivery.

  • Inspect Upon Arrival: Thoroughly inspect the packaging for damage upon arrival. If damage is visible, such as punctured or crushed carton areas, ask the driver to wait while you inspect the item before accepting the shipment. In case of significant damage, take photos, instruct the carrier to return the shipment, and note "refused - damaged" on the bill of lading. Remember, when you sign for a shipment, you are essentially confirming that you have received the package in good condition. This act of signing off on the delivery absolves the carrier of liability for any damage to the contents. As a result, this limits your capacity to pursue a claim for any damage discovered after the time of signing, as your signature has already acknowledged receipt without issue.

By familiarizing yourself with these delivery options and preparing accordingly, you can ensure a smooth and successful delivery of your fire resistant filing cabinet.

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