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Waterproof Safes

Explore the diverse range of safes in our "Waterproof Safes" collection at While many safes prioritize security and fire resistance, some also offer an added layer of water resistance, which can be a handy feature in certain limited situations.

Our waterproof safes are designed to resist water spray, a feature that might come into play during firefighting efforts. Thanks to a water-resistant seal, crafted with precision gaskets, these safes aim to reduce the risk of water intrusion.

For those who prefer an added layer of water protection, we also offer small fire resistant chests that can endure brief submersion. While not a feature that addresses a widespread need, limited protection against water submersion is an extra step towards safeguarding specific items.

It's important to understand that while high-security fire & burglary safes excel in protection against theft and fire, they aren't typically designed with water resistance. This is due to technical considerations, especially how these safes are engineered to vent heat. Furthermore, the substantial weight of their doors means that adding a gasket for water resistance could render them challenging to open. If water protection is paramount for items stored in such safes, we recommend placing sensitive items inside an airtight container within the safe.

Our offerings include:

  • Fireproof Waterproof Safes: Safes with a focus on fire resistance, with an added feature of water spray resistance.
  • Water Resistant Fire Chests: Small fire resistant chests that can resist brief submersion in water while also offering fire resistance.

At, we aim to provide a range of options to cater to diverse needs. Browse our collection to find a safe that aligns with your requirements.